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December 1, 2012 / mikedone1

Traitors, Trash, and Tearful Goodbyes. . .

That [moderated]! That fat, empty-headed [moderated] has sold us out. Has sold her party down the river, like it meant NOTHING to her. “Unaffiliated”, my lily-white [moderated]!

People think they know Tari Moore, but they don’t. She’s twisted and conniving, as this latest move proves. I’ve been telling people not to trust her, but did they take my word for it? No. And now they’re gonna see. I am so angry I can hardly think straight. And so is Diana. That’s the only reason Moore did this, mark my words. She knew that Diana deserved to be president of the council, but this is her and Hodge’s revenge for Diana’s attempts to bring transparency to county government over the last two years. No good deed ever goes unpunished. . .

I just got off the phone with Teddy–he’d moved into EJ’s basement last week so that he could show that he lived in District 2 and be nominated to fill Moore’s seat. Now he’s got bronchitis from the mold and it’s not even going to accomplish anything. He and Chris aren’t speaking to each other. I just can’t get over how we were betrayed by this piece of trash–and after we laid aside our considerable differences to help her during the campaign. She wouldn’t have won without the financial support of the Central Committee and she turns around and does this???? As Chris so eloquently put it, “There is no place for counterfiet(sic) candidates in Cecil County.”

Anyway, Diana sent over a copy of the charter, since neither one of us have read it yet–we’re going to try to find if there’s any procedures for impeaching a county executive, or a recall, or something. The citizens of Cecil County deserve honesty, competency, integrity, and transparency in their government, and that’s what Diana and I aim to give them.

On another note, Jim’s on his way out. It brings a tear to my eye even as I write this, but after Monday he’ll be gone from my side. We’ve had a good two years serving Cecil County together and I’m in awe of having been able to serve on the same board with him. There were many times when I was feeling threatened by a citizen there in the Elk Room and the banging of Jim’s gavel as he screamed for order gave me a comforting sense of warmth–of security. That no matter how angry one of those [moderated] Patriots might be, he wasn’t going to let them get me.

Good-bye, Jim. You may be gone, but you’ll never be forgotten. Who’s gonna protect me now???



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